Mac Bischof-Campbell, MA, MHP, Psychologist FSP

A Common Sense Approach to Sex and Relationships, Effective Communication and Standing on Your Own Two Feet

The core of my practice is the integration of sexual counseling and relationship counseling. We will use a common sense approach to clarify personal values, wants and needs; develop your ability to communicate more effectively; and, practice skills, techniques, and exercises – such as breathing and movement; relaxing, connecting and centering the mind and body; or developing sex-specific muscle groups.

We meet individually, with partners, or in groups. My philosophy is to help people find the least complicated, yet most effective ways to deal with a wide range of topics: sex and sexuality, gender issues, ineffective communication, unsatisfactory relationships, existential issues and crisis situations.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, not in control, trapped by stress and anxiety, or just not good about yourself, I can help you with these, as well. Having relocated to Zürich, Switzerland, from the US in March 2005, I also have a keen awareness of transition and integration issues.


Kruggasse 1, Schifflände
CH-8001 Zürich

078 829 87 81
Evening appointments available